Making a Feminist Miniature Poetry Book from a Luggage Label

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Poetry “invites us to experiment with language, to create, to know, to engage creatively and imaginatively with experience” (Leggo, 2008, p. 166). Poetry and poetic inquiry have a history of being used as feminist practice, theory, and pedagogy, offering an engaging way to facilitate understanding and dialogue about feminist issues (Faulkner, 2017; Leavy, 2015). ‘Found’ poetry takes words and short phrases from existing texts, and rearranges them into a poetic form. It is a process of deconstruction and imaginative reconstruction.
Laurel Richardson, a pioneer in poetic inquiry, says that “by settling words together into new configurations, the relations created through echo repetition, rhythm, rhyme let us see and hear the world in a new dimension. Poetry is thus a practical and powerful means for reconstitution of worlds” (1993, p. 705). Poetic inquiry affords the opportunity to make an expressive response through a feminist lens.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFeminist adult educators' guide to aesthetic, creative and disruptive strategies in museums and community
EditorsDarlene E. Clover, Suriani Dzulkifli, Hannah Gelderman, Kathy Sanford
PublisherUniversity of Victoria
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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