Managing the Web of Things: Linking the Real World to the Web

Quan Z. Sheng, Yongrui Qin, Lina Yao, Boualem Benatallah

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Managing the Web of Things: Linking the Real World to the Web presents a consolidated and holistic coverage of engineering, management, and analytics of the Internet of Things. The web has gone through many transformations, from traditional linking and sharing of computers and documents (i.e., Web of Data), to the current connection of people (i.e., Web of People), and to the emerging connection of billions of physical objects (i.e., Web of Things). With increasing numbers of electronic devices and systems providing different services to people, Web of Things applications present numerous challenges to research institutions, companies, governments, international organizations, and others. This book compiles the newest developments and advances in the area of the Web of Things, ranging from modeling, searching, and data analytics, to software building, applications, and social impact. Its coverage will enable effective exploration, understanding, assessment, comparison, and the selection of WoT models, languages, techniques, platforms, and tools. Readers will gain an up-to-date understanding of the Web of Things systems that accelerates their research. Offers a comprehensive and systematic presentation of the methodologies, technologies, and applications that enable efficient and effective management of the Internet of Things. Provides an in-depth analysis on the state-of-the-art Web of Things modeling and searching technologies, including how to collect, clean, and analyze data generated by the Web of Things. Covers system design and software building principles, with discussions and explorations of social impact for the Web of Things through real-world applications. Acts as an ideal reference or recommended text for graduate courses in cloud computing, service computing, and more.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherMorgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.
Number of pages482
ISBN (Electronic)9780128097656
ISBN (Print)9780128097649, 0128097647
Publication statusPublished - 8 Feb 2017


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