This exhibition by Jill Townsley, is a culmination of work carried out over the last four years, as part of her research into the role of repetition in the process of art production. Each of the artworks explore ideas of repetitive labour and its significance to the art object. The exhibition consists of sculpture, video, film drawing and installation.

All the works are an accumulation of hundreds of hours of repeated actions. Mind bogglingly tedious and insignificant actions repeated thousand of times. Actions such as: looping wire, scribbling, gluing polystyrene beads or tying 3 spoons together with a rubber band 3,091 times.

Some work exists only in the moment, temporally changing, a culmination of moments, repeating over time. Some works are a result of thousands of unstable repeated units, each precariously balanced on one another to make a whole sculpture. Other works are only offered as a record of process, exploring time in a virtual or parallel time-frame.

The body of work describes the logical application of repetitive process, illogically extended beyond the usual limits, producing work that sometimes in the end destroys itself, while still being generative of new and often surprisingly beautiful moments.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Mar 2010
EventMoments of Repetition - The Nunnery, London, United Kingdom
Duration: 20 Mar 20103 Apr 2010


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