Qualitative phase of the formative evaluation of learning training needs in computer assisted qualitative data analysis.

Graham R. Gibbs, Celia Taylor, Nigel Fielding, Ann Lewins

Research output: Working paper


THE RESEARCH PROJECT The formative element of evaluation of the Online QDA and CAQDAS project included a qualitative phase, comprising data collected in different ways and from users with different levels of experience. This interim working report summarises our progress with the qualitative element of evaluation, and refers to areas still awaiting completion. The data were analysed with the assistance of QSR NVivo. RESEARCHERS AND DATA COLLECTION Lewins observed ten volunteers working with a range of CAQDAS programs while they talked about their work to date in their current qualitative project and asked for advice where they felt they needed it. Taylor interviewed 24 software users and trainers, in semi structured interview formats, either face to face or over the phone. All sessions were to be transcribed. This process is still being completed and work will be ongoing for the purpose of further reports and papers. They also used informal help-line telephone/email data over a 3-month period, collected by Lewins in her role as manager of the CAQDAS Networking Project. Reporting from the qualitative analysis phase has already informed some parts of the web resource on QDA and CAQDAS which as been constructed as part of the project (onlineqda.hud.ac.uk).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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