Philip Brown, Peter Dwyer, Lisa Scullion

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Roma SOURCE (Sharing of Understanding Rights and Citizenship in Europe) is a two year project co-funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme. Roma SOURCE aims to combat and reduce discrimination through developing mutual understanding between Roma and mainstream communities, promoting equal rights and highlighting best practice. Migration Yorkshire (Leeds City Council) is coordinating the project as the lead partner. The project involves eight organisations from six European countries:

• Regional Administration of Varna [Bulgaria]
• Action Synergy [Greece]
• Former State Fostered Children's Association [Hungary]
• Municipality of Pescara [Italy]
• Federacion Maranatha De Associaciones Gitanes [Spain]
• Regional Vice-Ministry for Family and Solidarity – Valencia [Spain]
• Migration Yorkshire, Leeds City Council [United Kingdom]
• University of Salford [United Kingdom]

Some of the partners work in regions of Europe which are traditionally home to long established Roma communities, others in regions where Roma communities have more recently emerged as a result of new migration flows of Roma following the expansion of the European Union to include Central and Eastern European (CEE) states in 2004.

The University of Salford has a research role within the partnership; this role has two main elements. First, to document the situation of Roma within the six partner countries. Second, to work with the partners noted above to conduct exploratory empirical research with Roma and non-Roma people in the partner countries. The research aims to:

• Map and explore the experiences and needs of Roma communities in the six identified Member States and at the wider EU level.
• Explore the perceptions of majority populations in respect of Roma communities.
• Consider the extent to which Roma and majority communities in the six identified Member States lead integrated lives.
• Allow the perceptions, experiences and understandings of both Roma and majority populations to inform regional, national and EU policy.
• Identify the most effective models for promoting the integration of Roma communities with wider majority populations in Europe.
• Produce project research papers and short summaries for disseminating to a range of appropriate stakeholders.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Salford
Number of pages64
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012
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