Satie 840: Unnatural Histories

Jill Townsley (Artist), Myriam Blundell (Curator)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


This year's annual Bow Arts Trust exhibition, has been selected by curator Myriam Blundell. The show, entitled ‘Unnatural Histories', features the work of eighteen artists picked from amongst over one hundred members of the Bow Arts Trust, and will run for one month, closing on July 19th 2008.The exhibition includes diverse elements, from video documentation and sculpture to formal painting and printing from the 18 artists based at the Bow Arts Trust. Becky Hunt and Gabriel Tejada have created large canvases depicting an unnatural habitat where man-made and natural environments coexist in a space punctuated by the alternation of violence and pacifism. Samuel Wood's installations propose an altered landscape and interpretation of cultures and history manifested through an imagined repertoire of decorative objects and recomposed artefacts. Natuka Honrubia's delightful and delicious selection of work borrows from every day life objects, goods and wares to reinvent the mundane and redefine the rules. Mandy Hudson, Alice Peillon and Robin Dixon's works explore the subtleties and nuances lying beneath the overt appearance of objects and images. Kim Baker also explores the notion of cultural distortion in her Dark Garden Series. Ki June Park is also concerned with cultural identity and the way human behaviour is assessed within dissimilar cultural settings. Mick Bateman borrows a contemporary artefact from everyday life, a chandelier, which appears to be "filled" with human blood, so as to turn our attention to how frail and fragile human existence can be. Jill Townsley's Video explores how things that appear to be constant are in fact always changing. Albert Potrony's Happiness Project, where the artist investigates the gaps between perception, interpretation, and critical thinking. Don Clarke's work explores the dichotomy between the language of science and that of Art. G. Roland Biermann large scale Rho Prints suggest movement, pace and random encounters. Mark Maxwell deals with the superficiality and deceptiveness of appearances. Junghee Roh's etched human figures hint at the transient character of our existence in a world shaped by the classic struggle for dominance between humans and nature. Erin Newell's ‘A Map of the Ocean between My Sister & Me, where a museum-type display of jars and containers elevates the ephemeral to a state of permanence. Laura White's video entitled Where You Are deals also with the relationship we have cultivated with nature, and how we understand and relate to it. Myriam Blundell summarises, 'I have selected a group of 18 artists whose work I felt communicated and interacted well with each other, and within the context of a coherent theme. The show includes a large selection of mediums, ranging from painting to video to installations to sculptures. This, in my opinion, creates a real sense of synergy and dialogue between the works and highlights the creative diversity I witnessed at the Bow.'
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jun 2008
EventUnnatural Histories - The Nunnery, London, United Kingdom
Duration: 21 Jun 200819 Jul 2008


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