Sexuality, space and intersectionality: The case of lesbian, gay and bisexual equalities initiatives in uk local government

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The notion of intersectionality has been the subject of uncertainty, with debates taking place as to whether intersectionality studies should focus on the interstices between social characteristics, or should encompass approaches that interrogate the structuring effects of specific social forces. This article contributes to these debates by exploring intersectionality in relation to lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) equalities initiatives in UK local government. The article demonstrates the importance of two social categories, sexuality and the spatial, in structuring LGB equalities work. By citing analysis partially at the institutional level, it also reveals the way in which an individualizing approach to intersectionality studies, which focuses only on the interstices, is problematic. The article therefore provides an argument for an intersectionality studies that incorporates category-based analysis, whilst retaining a concern with the interstices between foundational categories.

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Publication statusPublished - 19 Oct 2010


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