Social Enterprise: The Impact of covid-19 on migrant communities within India

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unparalleled global event that has had an unprecedented adverse impact on the fabric of society. With individuals and families from marginalised groups suffering most, the disparities and inequities in their rights – social, spiritual, physical, and psychological – and economic well-being are further exaggerated. The impact of COVID-19 within migrant communities in India exemplifies these disparities; however, these disparities may be mitigated by the adoption of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship principles. The aim of this book chapter is to explore the impact of the pandemic on the livelihood of unskilled migrants and explore how social entrepreneurship has mitigated the associated challenges. The authors of the research have applied a literature review method. Adopting a systematic process, proposed by Aveyard, all articles selected were appraised using CASP and JBI tools; data collected were analysed by thematic analysis. In total, 14 papers were included in the study and formed the basis of the thematic analysis, which generated five themes: livelihood strategies, labour market and government schemes, the lived migrant experience, social enterprise, and migration patterns.
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Title of host publicationIndia Migration Report 2023
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