Teacher educator collaboration and a pedagogy of teacher education: Practice architectures, professional learning, praxis, and production

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This chapter is concerned with an instance of teacher educator collaboration between this researcher, a university-based teacher educator, and a team of six teacher educators from a further education college in England. Using a participatory action research approach, the study sought to answer the research question: what happens when teacher educators work together to explore modelling and develop their own pedagogy of teacher education? Six data collection methods were used, including Hardy’s teacher talk, and the data was analysed thematically and through the conceptual lenses of practice architectures, collaboration, and a pedagogy of teacher education. Findings are discussed under the headings of what happens when teacher educators collaborate and what shaped teacher educator collaboration. The study makes three contributions to the study of teacher education. First, it provides an account of the practices and practice architectures shaping the work of a group of rarely studied teacher educators: further education-based teacher educators. Second, it has created and developed a new teaching resource for teacher educators: a Viewing Frame. This resource enables student teachers to notice and see into their teacher educator’s practice and is being used by teacher educators in England and Europe. It is available as free download from http://www.go.herts.ac.uk/FLiTE . Third, it introduces practice architectures as a lens for studying the practices of teacher educator collaborative inquiry, illuminating how the practice architectures of a site and the practices of co-labourers were “enmeshed” and how this shaped this instance of collaboration and, in turn, how the collaboration shaped the site and its co-labourers. The chapter concludes by inviting teacher educators to undertake collaborative research with other teacher educators about the practice of teaching student teachers, using practice architectures as a lens, so others might better understand the practice of teaching student teachers and what shapes the practice of researching teaching.
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Title of host publicationBeing a Teacher Educator
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EditorsAnja Swennen, Elizabeth White
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Publication statusPublished - 2 Oct 2020


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