Techno millennium: Dance, ecology and future primitives

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Throughout the 1990s, psychedelic trance accelerated the interfacing of technology, ecology and spirituality. Psytrance became a transnational context for the growth of a planetary ethos among youth, for the evolution of eco-spiritual commitments expressed and performed through dance. This chapter charts these developments, uncovering a pattern of revitalization associated with the fin de siecle ~ a period of unfettered optimism fed by cyber and digital developments adopted and championed in the cultural response to an accelerating environmental crisis. It documents an eco-millenarian dance movement rising out of global centres and marginal sites throughout the 1990s. The creative amalgamation of contemporary technologies and reconstructed religiosity is shown to have manifested in the cultural output of influential 'altered statesmen', and is communicated through the rituals and epochal events of new 'tribal' formations emerging within a global technospiritual youth network.
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Title of host publicationRave Culture and Religion
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