Towards secure fitness framework based on iot-enabled blockchain network integrated with machine learning algorithms

Faisal Jamil, Hyun Kook Kahng, Suyeon Kim, Do Hyeun Kim

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Blockchain technology has recently inspired remarkable attention due to its unique features, such as privacy, accountability, immutability, and anonymity, to name of the few. In contrast, core functionalities of most Internet of Things (IoT) resources make them vulnerable to security threats. The IoT devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have limited capacity in terms of network, computing, and storage, which make them easier for vulnerable threats. Furthermore, a massive amount of data produced by the IoT devices, which is still an open challenge for the existing platforms to process, analyze, and unearth underlying patterns to provide convenience environment. Therefore, a new solution is required to ensure data accountability, improve data privacy and accessibility, and extract hidden patterns and useful knowledge to provide adequate services. In this paper, we present a secure fitness framework that is based on an IoT-enabled blockchain network integrated with machine learning approaches. The proposed framework consists of two modules: a blockchainbased IoT network to provide security and integrity to sensing data as well as an enhanced smart contract enabled relationship and inference engine to discover hidden insights and useful knowledge from IoT and user device network data. The enhanced smart contract aims to support users with a practical application that provides real-time monitoring, control, easy access, and immutable logs of multiple devices that are deployed in several domains. The inference engine module aims to unearth underlying patterns and useful knowledge from IoT environment data, which helps in effective decision making to provide convenient services. For experimental analysis, we implement an intelligent fitness service that is based on an enhanced smart contract enabled relationship and inference engine as a case study where several IoT fitness devices are used to securely acquire user personalized fitness data. Furthermore, a real-time inference engine investigates user personalized data to discover useful knowledge and hidden insights. Based on inference engine knowledge, a recommendation model is developed to recommend a daily and monthly diet, as well as a workout plan for better and improved body shape. The recommendation model aims to facilitate a trainer formulating effective future decisions of trainee’s health in terms of a diet and workout plan. Lastly, for performance analysis, we have used Hyperledger Caliper to access the system performance in terms of latency, throughput, resource utilization, and varying orderer and peers nodes. The analysis results imply that the design architecture is applicable for resource-constrained IoT blockchain platform and it is extensible for different IoT scenarios.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1640
Number of pages31
Issue number5
Early online date26 Feb 2021
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2021
Externally publishedYes


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