Using the new T.I.M.E. Clinical Decision Support Tool to promote consistent holistic wound management and eliminate variation in practice: Part 5, survey feedback from non-specialists

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Background: Variations in wound assessments has prompted the development of wound assessment tools to aid practitioners’ decision making and diagnoses to improve consistency of care. Aims: This study aimed to explore the experiences of non-wound care specialists using the TIME (Tissue, Infection/inflammation, Moisture imbalance and Edge of wound) Clinical Decision Support Tool (CDST) to help guide the management of chronic wounds and to understand if they could use the tool to make informed decisions in the absence of a wound care specialist. Methods: A multi-centre clinical evaluation involving four clinical specialists from four different centres (Australia (2), Canada (1), Denmark (1)) in tissue viability were invited to participate. Each specialist asked non-specialists to use and evaluate the tool on five different patients over a 4-week period and report how the tool influenced practice. Results: Responses indicated the TIME CDST was easy to use, enhancing confidence, encouraging evidence-based decisions and supported wound assessments, particularly aiding the assessment of tissue type. Conclusions: The TIME CDST provides a structured wound management approach supporting non-specialists in wound assessments, encouraging consistency of care and better patient outcomes.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)40-49
Number of pages10
JournalWounds International
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 17 Dec 2019


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