We are interested in the flow and circulation of cloth and air between different peoples and their lives. Moving in and out of different contexts we arrive at a series of home-spun (low-tech) video footage and sound recordings, which are gathered to reflect upon a series of encounters between cloth (textiles) and human experience. For example, images of a Sworn Virgin in Albania and a subsequent analysis of her clothes by a museum curator in Halifax (UK), the sounds of people meeting to exchange sleeping bags to help people without homes in the winter months. The result is an ephemeral traverse of overlaying images, sounds, discoveries, resonances and materials that wrap around everyday but nonetheless profound human needs of warmth, home, identity and belonging.
We are interested in this tension between fleeting sensibilities that exist on the cusp of becoming and float possibility to the resilience of material that is an entrenched necessity of contemporary life. Wow hovers between potential and necessity, between art and life, symbolically encapsulated within the omelette cooking; a simple mixture that is paradoxically both light and substantial as it solidifies and coagulates through heat and air.

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationMexico
Media of outputFilm
Size03.46 min
Publication statusPublished - 16 May 2011


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