A Real-Time Integrated Digital Twin Model of a Control Valve

  • Mubarak Aderibigbe

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The monitoring and analysis of local flow conditions inside process units such as pipelines and control valves are key to diagnosis, control, and optimization. New technologies such as digital twins are increasingly being used for remote monitoring, control, and diagnosis of many industrial systems. However, digital twin technology is in its infancy for process units such as control valves for oil and gas applications and effective asset management of these units requires a thorough understanding and modelling of the system, especially for digital applications. In this work, the design, implementation, and deployment of a cyber-physical system for a control valve digital twin application are reported. The system is linked to CFD software to collect real-time pressure from the valve system to run simulations in real-time. It is shown in this thesis that Computational Fluid Dynamics can be used in this way to give local information within valves and achieve reliable and high-precision data and information in real-time bringing about the Digital Twin system of the real valve. Real-time data is collated through pressure sensors and passed through an Arduino Microcontroller, Microsoft Data Streamer, Microsoft Excel and ANSYS Fluent allowing real-time analysis to be achieved.
Date of Award25 Aug 2022
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRakesh Mishra (Main Supervisor)

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