Access to Medicines in the United Kingdom

  • Nasir Abbas

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The aim of this research project was to assess the access to medicines situation in the United Kingdom. The project begins with a systematic review of the literature to explore current knowledge, which identified the need for further comparative studies to explore access to medicines across the United Kingdom. Two mixed-methods studies were conducted to investigate this issue.
The research methods employed include a systematic review of the literature, document analysis of publicly available records and literature (Study 01), and semi-structured interviews with relevant experts to project the situation of access to medicines in the UK (Study 02). The research objectives were based on the findings from the systematic literature review.
The findings of the systematic review, document analysis, and qualitative interviews were presented in Chapters 02, 04, and 05, with an integration of the data in Chapter 06. The research identifies a significant gap between licensing and reimbursement, as well as the factors that impact this gap. It suggests ways to reduce this gap and highlights the variability in HTA recommendations and reimbursement across countries in the UK. The research explores the key drivers that play a role in this variability and suggests ways to reduce it. The study also highlights challenges in accessing medicines in the UK.
This research aims to stimulate stakeholders across the UK to address access to medicines challenges, take advantage of opportunities, implement new initiatives, and work together to find solutions. It provides useful background information and prompts interesting questions for future research in this area.
Date of Award5 May 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorZaheer Babar (Main Supervisor) & Shahzad Hasan (Co-Supervisor)

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