Experiences of Transgender Men:
A Phenomenological Investigation

  • Ellis Hobson

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Transgender people often struggle to attend appointments with healthcare professionals due to fear of discrimination regarding their gender identity. This is apparent in the research conducted internationally, with all subpopulations of transgender people grouped as one. However, little research has been conducted into these healthcare experiences with solely AFAB (assigned female at birth) transgender people. There is even less when accessing healthcare that is not directly related to their transition in the UK, of which statistics have shown the high occurrence rates of discrimination. To understand the barriers and issues transgender men face when accessing healthcare unrelated to their transition, qualitative Phenomenological research was undertaken with 10 transgender men who have experience assessing healthcare that was not directly related to their transition. In-depth interviews were conducted, transcribed verbatim then analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Aspects of Minority stress theory (MST) were also addressed in relation to then men’s experiences. Three main themes were established: Negative experiences; Normalisation, Social Norms and aspects of discrimination; and Healthcare interaction, community and relationships. All the men discussed the forms of discrimination they have experienced and how this was an everyday reality for them in healthcare services. The study also addressed the ways in which they adopted strategies for themselves when it came to navigating healthcare systems. Further understanding of these experiences is needed to inform interventions, training, and policies to target discrimination in healthcare practices.
Date of Award17 May 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSurya Monro (Main Supervisor)

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