How Can Fast Fashion Be Sustainable?

  • Rachel Dale

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The issue of sustainability within the fast fashion industry has become topical in recent years. My Master’s thesis aims to explore how the fast fashion industry can become more sustainable whilst maintaining the principles key to fast fashion, namely speed and lower prices. Due to consumer wants and needs, the fast fashion sector will not disappear, therefore it is important to investigate methods which will help reduce the impact caused, and improve the circularity of the industry.

While there is research on the sustainability of the wider fashion sector, there has been little focus on the fast fashion industry. Fast fashion dominates the industry making it a critical area to investigate. I chose to explore the fast food industry to gain a greater understanding of the fast fashion market as there are a number of parallels between the industries. There has been more research conducted on the fast food industry and some of these ideas can be applied within the context of fast fashion.

I found during my case study research that many fast fashion brands have started to make sustainable practices. However, due to the lack of government regulations, it is difficult to accurately judge how sustainable a brand is and compare it with the rest of the sector. Without regulations there are fewer repercussions for brands that do not prioritise sustainability, and consumers are less aware of the impact of the industry and are therefore unable to make informed decisions when purchasing. The regulations which have been introduced to help combat health problems faced by the fast food industry can be modified to help improve the fast fashion industry.
Date of Award16 Mar 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRina Arya (Main Supervisor) & Jade Lord (Co-Supervisor)

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