Investigation into the use of High Temperature Impact Resistant Polymers for Turbocharger Compressor Covers

  • Zu Khin

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


By previous findings of engineering plastics in the field of turbocharging components, the options of high-performance polymers usage are found according to its properties, designs, function and manufacturing processes.

During this research, a design observation of compressor housing is done where different types of manufacturing methods and cost are analysed. This research paper relates the investigations of selected high temperature resistant polymers based on properties and their possibility of manufacturing methods. Since manufacturing high performance polymer product is more complicated than metal components, the comparison between pros and cons of polymers and aluminium alloy will be conducted in this paper.

Due to different material options, tool of material selection is used to choose the most relevant thermoplastics polymer for the compressor housing. The objective of this research paper is to observe design aspects of turbocharger compressor housing with thermoplastics and check the commercial feasibility of its manufacturing methods.
Date of Award2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSimon Barrans (Co-Supervisor) & John Allport (Co-Supervisor)

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