Manipulating Musical Surface
: Perception as compositional material in live looping and organ with electronics

  • Pamela Hulme

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This research project into manipulating musical surface explores perception as compositional material, specifically in relation to my creative practice with live looping and organ with electronics. The portfolio comprises a collection of eight compositions and two improvisations, as well as supporting essays and further texts which outline more practical outcomes of my research, including documentation of the system which I developed to notate live looping. The first essay, Extending the Pipe Organ with Electronics - towards a symbiotic relationship between the analogue and the digital, situates this project within the landscape of current practice and research on organ and electronics, with a particular focus on transferability between different instruments and contexts which is important to my work. The second essay, Live looping – a compositional approach, explores the possibility of perception as musical material in this practice through examples from a spectrum of contemporary loop artists as well as detailed examples taken from the looping compositions which form part of this portfolio.

Eight printed scores with introductory notes and performance directions are complemented by a complete set of audio recordings of the works, audio recordings of additional improvisations, as well as a selection of videos and video excerpts as supporting evidence. The majority of the recordings submitted were performed by myself as an integral part of the methodology running through the project. As a mixed media collection this portfolio documents a period of multidisciplinary research into my practice as a composer, improviser, and performer.
Date of Award2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorAaron Cassidy (Main Supervisor)

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