: A portfolio of intermedia installations exploring the relationship of place and memory

  • Jackson Mouldycliff

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Artists have often explored geological/ archaeological phenomenon as inspiration for both audio and visual work, from the quasi-archaeological approach of composer Gavin Bryarsin The Sinking of the Titanic to the exploration of tidal erosion in Mark Dion’s Thames Dig. Using the notion of
Stratigraphy (“the study of the composition and relative position of artefacts within a defined stratum in order to reveal something about past events and developments” (Mouldyclifff, J & Mouldycliff, P. n.d)), the aim of this study is to develop a personal working methodology for making conjectural intermedia installations that can be presented in appropriately sited exhibition spaces. This portfolio will comprise of two installations and a reflective commentary on this work. This research will break down the notion of Stratigraphy into four main components 1) Layering 2) Found Object 3) Memory and 4) Sound in order for it to be analysed on an artistic level.
Date of Award2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMonty Adkins (Main Supervisor)

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