The Mediating Role of Acculturation to Global Consumer Culture on the Relationship between Religiosity and Consumers’ Attitudes towards Cosmetic Advertisements
: A Case Study of the UAE

  • Pakzad Saleh

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


As a result of the increasing prominence of cosmetics advertising, new challenges and opportunities for organizations' customer relationships have lately emerged. Cosmetics marketers increasingly depend on advertising as a critical element. Many businesses expand into international markets to extend the life cycle of their products and create more revenue without having to manufacture new items. This prevails in the more standardized advertising concepts used by international cosmetics firms (ICF) penetrating new markets. Using consumer culture theory, this study aims to investigate how cosmetic product advertising has influenced Emirati consumer culture (CCT). Using a positive deductive methodology, quantifiable data was gathered through a survey strategy. To this end, Emirati perceptions of advertisements produced by international cosmetic firms will be investigated, with a particular focus on the connection between individual religiosity and attitude towards advertising. A questionnaire targeting Emirati international cosmetics users/viewers of advertising was distributed in malls and online. A survey (n = 507) is one of the study's methodologies, with the goal of increasing the quality of the findings through method triangulation. The findings presented in the study cover an important research gap, but the research will also be of practical use for international companies. The research employs and tests a specifically developed model that is based on exploring the topic through a framework of four propositions. The study examines the impact of ICF advertising on local culture and contributes to a broader understanding of cultural values as well as the applicability of the idea of consumer culture, attitudes toward advertising, and religion in advertising research. The study offers an introduction with key information about the research, including the main topic, the objectives and aims of the research, a literature review, a justification of the theoretical model, and a description of the methodology.
Date of Award15 Jun 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHaseeb Shabbir (Main Supervisor) & Tribi Budhathoki (Co-Supervisor)

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