“We certainly got about the world” – BBC Radio Programming and Britain’s Diminishing Empire, 1945-1951

  • Alex Pearson

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Through close analysis of the content of imperial themed radio broadcasts produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) between 1945-1951, this dissertation questions whether the BBC merely relayed the view of the British imperial establishment, or if it provided audiences with an independent and impartial perspective. In this dissertation the term ‘imperial establishment’ refers to those in positions of authority within the British imperial system. It was these individuals, such as politicians like the first postwar Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin (1945-1951) and Britain’s military Chiefs of Staff, that lobbied for the continuation of Britain’s imperial aspirations, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, during a time of rising nationalist sentiment around the empire and the beginning of large-scale decolonisation.
Date of Award5 Jun 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorLindsey Dodd (Main Supervisor) & Barry Doyle (Co-Supervisor)

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